Welcome to Higher Knowledge

We are a group of cannabis connoisseurs, dedicated to providing an exciting, informative experience for all levels of cannabis consumers.

With the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, there is a growing group of people who want to try cannabis, but don’t know where to start.

That’s where we come in!

We Provide:

  • Fun, at-home, educational services
  • Help choosing the product that's right for you
  • Knowledge about consumption methods and gear

Our Goal is Simple:

To change the perception of cannabis use and users, and to promote a healthy, cannabis-inclusive lifestyle.

How do we do that?

We teach people how to choose the cannabis strain that’s right for them and the experience they want to have. Through fun, at-home events we guide people through various cannabis strains and consumption methods.

Why us?

Our passion, in combination with over 20 years of cannabis experience, is what sets us apart from the rest. We strive to empower our clients with the knowledge and confidence needed to make the right cannabis choice.

Services and Events

Please see our standard packages and events below. We are happy to customize any packages to suit your needs! Please note that all packages are priced for events of 6-15 people. For any inquiries into custom packages or events of more than 15 people, please contact us for a quote.

Higher Knowledge

$300 + $65/person

Our basic course to get you started! Do you know the difference between THC and CBD? Can you describe the difference between a Sativa, Indica or Hybrid? During a 90 minute session, we will cover the various types of cannabis, how to choose the strain that is right for you and the experience you want, as well as some methods of consumption. Your Cannabis Connoisseur will bring various strains for you and your guests to review and enjoy.

Higher Knowledge: Advanced

$300 + $65/person

Are you an experienced cannabis user looking to update your knowledge? In this in-depth course we will take a deep dive into high grade cannabis, shatter and diamonds. Strains reviewed will all have high THC and/or CBD content, not recommended for new(er) users. Your Cannabis Connoisseur will bring various strains for you and your guests to enjoy.

Higher Dining

$300 + $100-$140/person

PB and J, strawberries and chocolate, food and cannabis. Some things just belong together! In this event, we pair three exciting dinner courses with three different cannabis strains. Our in-house chef, Chef Erich, will cook for you and your guests in the comfort of your home, while our Cannabis Connoisseurs teach everyone about cannabis, the strains that will be paired with the meal, and their flavours. All food is locally sourced from environmentally responsible, sustainable, producers. Your Cannabis Connoisseur will bring three strains for you and your guests to enjoy with your meal.

Higher Knowledge x The Honest Connoisseur Sessions


Our latest offering! We have partnered with the amazing team at The Honest Connoisseur to run monthly sessions from the comfort of their beautiful store. Topics discussed will change every month, please feel free to stop by the store, check our Instagram or contact us by email for details of this month's event.

Cannabis consumption is allowed at these private events, but is not required to take part! Everyone is encouraged to enjoy as much, or as little, as they are comfortable with.

Once you sign up through our contact page we will recommend strains for you to purchase for the event.

Space is limited to 20 guests per session so sign up now and don't miss out!

Please contact us if you have any questions about our services, or if you would like to inquire about customizing any of our packages. Prices may be adjusted based on customization choices. Products and cannabis will be selected based on availability.

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About Us

Jonathan Sora - Owner/operator

Jonathan has worn many hats over his career. From Artist and Animator, to Corporate Manager, to Small-Business Manager, to College Professor, he is the true jack of all trades. He discovered his passion for helping others while working for non-profit organizations and decided to ditch the office for something a little more meaningful to his life.

It was the summer of 2019 when he was asked to host his first cannabis-education party, and Higher Knowledge was born!

His vast knowledge of cannabis, hardware and consumption methods made for a natural combination with his love of teaching and helping others.


Erich is a professionally trained chef and has accomplished many milestones in his career. Working with high end clientele at the CN Tower to Private Catering in the heart of the city, Erich has grown into a professional Chef with the drive and passion to excel his career in different ways. He has taken a modern/classical approach to his cooking methods that really highlight flavours and techniques

Our Cannabis Connoisseurs

Our connoisseurs are a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about providing an exciting educational experience for you and your guests. Each connoisseur has over 20 years of cannabis experience and is CannSell certified.

To discuss your event with a consultant, please complete the form on the contact page.